5 Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard

Many people spend most of their free time outdoors this time of year but they don’t necessarily want to see or hear their neighbors every time they venture out.  If this describes you, consider the following for adding privacy to your yard:

  • Fencing – Fencing is the traditional go-to for yard privacy but be sure to check your cityWall of plants for yard or garden privacy ordinances and limits first. It’s also good to verify your property line with your neighbor (much cheaper than a surveyor or lawsuit!).  Maybe they want to share!  Increasingly popular are fences with rows of plants on them – visit The Patio restaurant for a grand example.
  • Hedges – Plant hedges after getting your neighbor’s buy in. Evergreens are especially nice for year-round privacy.
  • Screens – Folding screens made of wood or other materials are not as permanent and can add a nice visual element to your yard. They can also block the neighbor’s view or unwanted peeking.  Look for weather resistant screens to get the most use for your money.
  • Lattice – A lattice trellis can be combined with climbing vines and plants, even espaliered lemon trees. Check care requirements for the foliage part before you invest.
  • Drapes – Outdoor drapes are an increasingly common item used to create boundaries in a yard.  They are easy to hang and can often be spray-painted.  Be sure they are waterproof!

If you tackle one or more of these projects, we hope you enjoy your new found privacy and your summer!

Great Pacific Escrow Team


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