Preserving Bonds With Those We Care About

Preserving and cherishing our bonds with people we love can sometimes take a little effort, but is always a road worth taking.Preserving Bonds With Loved Ones

Most of the time conflict is not about knowledge or facts, it is about emotions.  Stephen Covey, teacher of so much important information, suggests that step one should always be “seek first to understand, then to be understood.”  It surprises me that I’m consistently a clear speaker but many times I find I have misheard something or misinterpreted what I heard.  And I certainly am not alone.  A complement to this is that, while people may not always remember our words, they will long remember how we made them feel!

Another common phrase about relationships is to look in the mirror when you are having a problem, not out the window.  We can only fix and be responsible for ourselves and our actions.

Great Pacific Escrow Team

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