Claudia Susi, Escrow Officer

Claudia has lived in California for 23 years, originally from the East Coast and currently residing in the beautiful city of downtown San Diego.   She graduated from San Diego StateClaudia Susi,San Diego Escrow Officer University with a degree in Business Management and had big plans to move to San Francisco and get into the Fashion Industry, until a Title Rep friend of hers swayed her to get into Escrow. Thirteen years later, she is still in Escrow, doing very well and loving her job. Claudia is very passionate about her work and takes enormous pride in it.

“My number one goal on every transaction is to exceed your expectations with the highest level of excellent service to both you and your clients. Within each escrow timeframe I create an environment where absolute client satisfaction is my highest priority. I am passionate about what I do and having extensive knowledge and drive, you and your clients will have a memorable escrow experience.”

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