Do You Have An “Emotionally Smart” Home?

Smart homes are a popular topic in real estate and homeowner conversations.  Some people think the convenience and control of “smart technology” is wonderful and others think the security/hackingDo You Have An “Emotionally Smart” Home?/intrusion risk is too great.  An “emotionally” smart home doesn’t have those risks.

An emotionally smart home offers a sanctuary and provides you comfort and a sense of calm and happiness.  Where/how do you get an emotionally smart home?  You create it!  Here’s how:

  • Fill it with things you love; not all matching stuff you buy in a week, but timeless treasures you’ve collected over time. If you have a lot of belongings that make you happy, consider storing (and rotating) some of them so you don’t have too much clutter in your home at any one time.
  • Make your house feel open. Whether you’re into Feng Shui or not, create light open spaces by making sure there are open lanes from the front of the house to the back and also easy access to doors and windows.  Be careful not to over-stuff your wall space either.
  • Welcome nature. If you have a porch or patio, use it as an extension of your indoor space.  Can you leave the door to the porch or patio open to make it more inviting?  For a positive psychological and physical effect, bring nature indoors with house plants.
  • Choose colors & fabrics that make you happy and relaxed.  Be sure that the fabrics you choose are durable as well as neutral enough to allow your treasures to show off.

Great Pacific Escrow Team

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