Tips For Creating A Great Kid’s Room

Making your child’s room personal and special to them offers them not only a sanctuary but a place where their identity can develop comfortably.  A few ideas you may wish to incorporate that will last through their growing-up years are:

  • Create a reading nook by centering a built-in bench/storage unit on one wall and flanking it on each side with closets or bookcases.Tips For Creating A Great Kid’s Room
  • Add a shelf around the room about a foot from the ceiling for books, stuffed animals, trains or cars, whatever is important to your child at each age.
  • Let them express themselves by choosing their own colors, wallpaper and “themes”.
  • Often the bed is the largest piece of furniture. Consider whether you can design it to look like a classic car, a princess carriage, a pirate’s ship, a tree house, etc…  For instance, you can build a “dollhouse frame” around a headboard or a baseball diamond between two corner single beds.
  • Determine what your child is most interested in and help him/her build upon that theme:
    • Build them a Lego’s table and storage, or a built-in desk and study area, or a sports center.
    • Maybe a bunk bed with a “stage” underneath for your budding performer.
    • Maps and flags are also great in a kid’s room.
    • Remember children’s interests can come and go quickly so don’t spend wildly. You can expand their world and save money by buying used items, recycling and repurposing.
  • Shared rooms can be designed compatibly for children who share similar likes or design-divided with each individual preferences on one side of the room.
  • Built-ins can provide organization where little can reign in a child’s eye. Make sure there is adequate storage for clothes and possessions.  Making it easy for your child to access but out of sight will save your sanity!
  • Cushions that stow easily under beds and pull out for congregating can add design style as well as comfort.

There are many ideas that can make a child’s room great and you can find inspiration on Pinterest or through an internet search..  Letting your child participate in the design and decision making process will create the best results!

Great Pacific Escrow Team

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