Tell A Home Buyer What They’re Buying, Not What You’re Selling

One Thing They’re Buying Is You, Right?

Bragging about how your Clients are No. 1, your absolute priority, and how through your work and communication you will make sure they know this, is what they will hear that will keep them coming back and referring friends!  Bragging about being No. 1 in the Realtor community may be impressive to you and your mother, but not to your clients.

They’re Also Buying a Lifestyle & Neighborhood

Focusing on the items below will help your buyers visualize themselves in a new home:

  • Memories & Lifestyle – Don’t talk features, talk benefits.  Talk in pictures of how your buyers will inhabit and enjoy a prospective new home.  It is tempting to blurt out how much you love thFocus your home buyer on benefitse cobblestone fireplace.  But it would be better to exclaim how wonderful it would be to gather friends and hang stockings on the fireplace, or snuggle up in front it.
  • Neighborhood – Helping them settle into their new house by educating them on the neighborhood is important.  Providing information on the schools, the summer concerts in the local park, organizations and activities in the neighborhood, special times they can share and porches they may be invited to visit, will all help your buyers make the “move.”
  • Good Value – When your buyer’s budget and wish list are not in sync, try showing them a home that is absolutely “done” and checks off their entire wish list.  Then take them to a similar home that is not as updated or in “done” condition.  Be sure to also take along a bid from your contractor on how much the improvements will cost.  If the bid is for 25% less than the full difference in price of the two homes, you’re buyer may very well want to write an offer.
  • Activities & Other Kids – People who are focused on their kids will be very happy to hear about other children in the neighborhood.  This is information you can glean from the sellers on your own listings and as well as from the listing agents of the homes you are showing.  This will help your buyers overcome a significant fear.  Informing them of the nearby Little League, Boy and Girl Scouts troops, music and dance classes, etc… will further enable them to feel confident in moving their children to a new home and/or neighborhood.
  • Home Usage – Finally, ask your buyers how they would use various rooms as they walk through a listing.  Even mention how they could modify their habits to fit the house; perhaps congregating in the living room rather than the kitchen, using the back deck and yard for entertaining rather than a “great room.”  Making your buyers the cast in your play will go a long way to serving their perception needs.

Great Pacific Escrow Team

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