Is Your Insurance Coverage Adequate For Your Current Situation?

The wrong time to find out what your insurance covers is the day you need to draw on it.  Your agentIs your insurance coverage adequate? may truly be a person who wants to take care of you, but the company that will fund any payout is not in the business of “good guy” donations.  If you have not purchased the coverage you need, you will not recover what you need!  So review your policy, talk to your agent, and be sure you are paying for the protection you need.  A $200-500 annual premium increase is nothing compared to a $50,000 – $1,000,000 loss for which you will never receive compensation.

Investigate whether you are covered for:

  • Flood protection
  • Items stolen from your car
  • Valuables in your home above standard numbers
  • Dog bites or other damage to a person on your property. An injured person may be your friend but HAVE to sue you because they can’t afford the cost of the care needed.
  • Liability for hired service providers on your property
  • Anything special about your home, automobile use, etc… It doesn’t hurt to ask and it’s always best to be sure!

Great Pacific Escrow Team

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