Want To Change Your Results? Live In The NOW!

We think we are logical, orderly people.  Yet life trickles in and out of our brains like wildlife on theWant To Change Your Results?  Live In The NOW! plain.  We are constantly distracted by a never ending stream of thoughts that relate to our principles, our beliefs, politics, cultural behaviors, and odd things like someone’s dreadful beard or their way-inappropriate outfit.  Then there are the drip campaigns of everyday life…television shows and books, newscasts which now emphasize drama not facts, children’s cries, adults laughter…all flooding our mental channels.

Regardless of whether your beliefs came from your parents, teachers, trauma or another source, they are in your mind.  And if your beliefs are causing too many toxic thoughts, your behavior is certainly affected.

Albert Einstein pointed out that the present is the only place where your life can happen; not in the past or in the future.  The failure to understand this is a major cause of unhappiness and low performance.  In the NOW you have a choice of how to respond and how to act!  The NOW does not include the voice in your head unless you have programmed it to be reinforcing and positive!  Living in the NOW does not mean considering what will happen in the future “if”…  Nor does it mean allowing yesterday to fill today with regret or fear.  Living in the NOW means doing your very best at the moment.

To stop letting negative beliefs affect your behavior, you first need to be aware of them and burn them.  Replace them with thoughts of accomplishment, recognition and/or stunning effort that reaped success!  Try putting on your laughing hat and making fun of past times when you may have fallen down.  Humor is an enormously effective tool.  It not only puts a fresh perspective on things, but re-energizes you too.  That’s why it is a natural defense mechanism.

Look around at some of the most successful people.  Many of them have overcome great challenges; from migration with a different language, to poverty, to physical disabilities, to misfortune of all kinds.   And yet somehow they rose above their challenges and succeeded.  Embrace the joy and the possibilities in the Now by doing your very best at the moment!

Great Pacific Escrow Team

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