Mastering Introductions Can Lead To Great Experiences

Life can be distracting, and we may falter at important times.  One of those times can be when meeting someone new that might turn out to be important in our life.  So how do you put forth your best ‘First Hello’?

When Being Introduced or Meeting Someone New

  • Before saying anything, spend a split second to consider your purpose. This may dictate what you want to say.  Business intro’s might include your personal expertise in the fewest possible words,Mastering Introductions Can Lead To Great Experiences or an insightful question to peak the person’s interest.
  • Although eye-contact and hand-shaking is important, your message will most of all be conveyed by your expression, posture and first words. Business introductions, for example, need professional warmth and formal posture.  Romantic or friendship introductions should be fun and friendly but not too aggressive.
  • Resist the urge to say a lot immediately. And don’t shake hands until the oral introduction is complete.
  • Focus on the other person’s name. If you are not sure you heard their name correctly, ask for the pronunciation of first and last names.  Otherwise, if you get their name only half right…it’s a failure.
  • In the event that someone is introduced to you with a formal title, it is not savvy to use their casual name until invited to do so (in person or by email or letter).

When Introducing Others

  • Use the person’s name during your conversation. And a savvy courtesy is to use both parties’ names twice during this time.
  • The client is always the VIP unless you are in a social situation, in which the elderly, women and then ‘social rank’ determine order of importance. This ranking is very important when you are introducing others.
  • Offering something they might share in common can ease the introduction and help them connect.

When You See Someone You’ve Previously Met

  • If you think someone whom you’ve previously met may not remember your name, it is both kind and confident to offer your name and hand. Doing so is never rude, and can invite the other party, whose name you may not remember, to repeat their name.  In this scenario you might not want to say your formal title, such as “Dr.” or “General” or “Countess”, unless it is relevant to the situation.

Enjoy introductions.  Each and every one may lead you into a wonderful new experience!

Great Pacific Escrow Team

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