Pamela Mary Cross, Escrow Branch Manager

With a reputation for excellence and vivacity, Pamela Cross has been building a following in San DiegoPam Cross San Diego Escrow Officer since 2010. After leaving her home state of Alaska, Pam began her escrow career during the housing boom of 1998, by way of working with high-end builders in Palm Desert, CA. Through diligence and determination, she has grown her vocation by experiencing first hand, diverse markets segments and the variability of the real estate cycle.

Understanding how important her role is for all participants in a real property transaction, Pam is committed to procedural excellence combined with compassionate service. That skill set is central to her role as Manager of the Great Pacific Escrow La Mesa Office. “I love being a part of the most important transaction a family can experience”, says Pam, “I am devoted to each and every file as I enjoy bringing together the good works of qualified professionals”.

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