Rent An RV Camper For A Fun Summer Experience!

A friend bragged to me that he was going camping and an all-inclusive camper (or RV/recreation vehicle) was going to meet him at the campgrounds where they were joining friends.  “What?”, I said.

Upon checking it out, I found numerousRent An RV Camper places that rent RV’s from trailer pop-ups to enormous family travel trailers.  If renting an RV is of interest to you, be sure to look into the following:

  • Does the cost include insurance?  (I haven’t seen any that don’t yet)
  • Is roadside assistance included?
  • Is the RV Wifi equipped?  (This is often something you need to set up privately)
  • What supplies and amenities are included in the price?
  • Are there any pet restrictions?
  • “Reservations” at the most desirable park or beach locations

Traveling in an RV is like having a hotel room on wheels.  I always thought having someone drive the highways, while I lounge in back with a book and cold drink, would be great.

Imagine how fun and different this type of vacationing or traveling can be.  Ahhh, freedom!

Great Pacific Escrow Team

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