4 Negotiation Strategies To Improve Your Success Rate

Negotiation is persuasion.  And unless you do it with a sense of honesty, you come across as a phony, and that never works.  Being phony creates an environment of pushing rather than pulling which is what you want in any negotiation.

Below are several strategies that you can always call on to enhance your negotiating prowess:

  1. Recognize your point of view. This is the beginning of how you will want to direct your talk, so4 Negotiation Strategies To Improve Your Success Rate that your priorities are clear to you, and what you can give up will also be clear to you.  This will prevent backtracking.
  2. Empathy allows you to understand the other side. You don’t have to agree with them, but understanding them will create ideas for satisfying their needs without sacrificing your own.  First look at whether your negotiation opponent’s personal style is Dominant, Creative, Supportive or Analytical.  (Do they want to run things, invent a new vision, reinforce someone else’s solution, or are they likely to respond to significant data?)  This will enable you to communicate in a style that will serve their position in the best way and build rapport.
  3. Create a way to bring the other side to question their own position.  You want to do this in a non-confrontational way by appealing to their most commanding personal style (see #2 above).  When you have created doubt in their mind, you have opened a door to your desired outcomes.
  4. Let go.  Taking the work you are doing to a point where it becomes push rather than cooperation may take the entire discussion off the issues and into a power play.  Empathy is the more effective tool, but sometimes letting the other party sit with a non-result will drive the answer you want.

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